Weekend Wordings: “Intermission Indefinite”/”Superstar”

Every weekend, I’ll be sharing two poems a piece for weekend reading. These are personal pieces and can range from fun light-hearted thoughts to sad musings of the world. This week, an ode to cinemas and dead stars.

“Intermission Indefinite”

I miss this dark-place,
dimly lit with only
the sight and sounds
of cinematic glory
being the bright bulb
in the room.

It was a miniscule escape
from the pressures
of the world; a timeless
vibrant distraction.

Currently, we cannot marvel
the silver screen,
but when safety
returns to the world,
or some new form
takes hold…

I’ll be ready to embrace
the projector’s glow.


My admiration for you
was as constant as a star
in the realm beyond.

It stayed ever present
burning bright,
fostered and care for,
with hope for a continuous,
everlasting life.

One day, it went
into oblivion,
leaving only a remnant
of what was
once present.

A new star will blossom
once a new admiration
sets in.
For now,
appreciate its cosmic ruin.

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