Weekend Wordings: “This is Exactly Who We Are”/”Mantra for the Failed State”

Every weekend, I’ll be sharing two poems a piece for weekend reading. This week, reflection on this week’s events and the failed sate mantra.

This is Exactly Who We Are

“This is not what America is.”
Actually, this is what this nation is.
A nation preoccupied with themselves
lost in the Ignorance is Bliss fallacy.

These white terrorists invaded the country.
Turns out, the enemy was always within.
They terrorize willing because
If it’s white, it’s all right.

“We are better than this.”
This nation was founded killing natives,
raping and pillaging their livelihoods,
and enslaving those not of pale complexition.

“This moment is unprecedented.”
No, it is not. Plain and simple.
You’d have to be a fool
not to see the origins of this disease.

These Proud Nazi lives don’t matter,
nor should we break bread with them.
Break their face with your fist
and see the wine drip from the noses.

This is exactly who we are.
By the way, it’s the United States of America.
We are just a small part of North America
and the absolute disgrace of it all.

Mantra for the Failed State

You always have been selfish.
You see yourself as the exception.
You have disregard for human life.
You have conformed to the false idea
of “getting back to normal.”
You’ve decided to accept two shit parties.
You adore playing to the archaic American Dream.

It’s because, you, yourself, are part of the problem. Never the solution.

Welcome to the failed state.

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