Weekend Wordings: “Taylor Paige”/”The Contingency of Romance”

Weekend Wordings is a weekly two-poem collection. This weekend, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s time to talk about high school crushes and the beauty of romance.

“Taylor Paige”

She was the adult beauty
of my teenage-eyed.
A Senior in terminology,
but a young man is still inside.

Her sapphire eyes
drowned me into a school daze
and her creative knowledge
of imaginative text
set my heart ablaze.

Talking about the written word,
the comfort of cinema,
and the passion of poetry
set this writer into absolute bliss.

It fluttered and felt
an odd attraction
to a mentor much older.
They were my class distraction.

The raven hair a complement
to her aforementioned gems
and her soft voice,
a delightful lullaby from
beginning to end.

Oh what a wondrous
feeling of emotion!
To have such a crushing devotion!
To something I could never set into motion.

What a wondrous time
in the wonders of crushing on
those way ahead of my time.

“The Contingency of Romance”

Los Angeles gleams with the whites of the buildings;
stars of manual power in the distance.
Clouds begin to bring down light drops of waste evaporated from the sea.

The city is alive with the sounds
of couples conversing, walking, fighting,
crying and in deep loving.
Sounds of laughter, sounds of silence.

Noises of footsteps in the rain,
noises of two lovers in pain;
Moans and groans from those
enjoying the mood of an upcoming holiday.

Yet, beneath the universe of L.A.
during the lover’s week, it is us in
a minuscule moment in the
major station of united trains.

Eyes that stun, hair so curled and long;
a beauty from head to toe stands before me.
I look at her, she stares at me

The tears of past lives fall on our face
as we lean in close to finally embrace.
A cosmic kind of feeling as lips meet
soft and subtle, long yet sweet.

You fell in love and I am now swept away
by your charm, your style, and your grace.
A man of awkward persona,
of untapped potential; of zero confidence
was smitten
by a woman of charisma, pure raw talent
and proud independence.

“I love her…and she loves me,”
I thought as the city stars shined bright
in our reality creating a lifelong dream.
A contingency of romance that was simply meant to be.

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