Heads-Up Reflection: May delivers a bouquet of ’92 blockbusters plus a Bond update

Hey, Sergio here! April was a busy and unexpected month of great news that did warrant some delays. The great news is that I took up a producing job for a local news station. That means I can work on this in my spare time while working in a field I love. I’m very excited (and hella nervous) about the new change. Because of that, I’ll be honest upfront that the dates will be looser from now on. I missed the boat on From Russia With Love, but that will be out on Friday, May 6th. Let’s get into the month of May because it’s a big one with a look back at April.

Reflection on April’s Cinema Revue Lineup

April of 1992 was something that seems crazy. The original lineup went through several iterations, but I feel this one was for the best. A great mixture of wholesome, terrifying, and mature films that showed the best (and worst) ’92 had to offer.

Beethoven showed us that a big ol’ doofus of a St. Bernard could bring in an audience. Beethoven also holds in the box office for quite a bit since release being in the top five of the box office for a minute. It made kids appreciate the beauty of Charles Grodin’s comedic timing. It does not hold up in a critical sense because of the whole killer veterinarian angle. Like I said in the review, this should have been closer to Paddington with the family dealing and helping out the new family member while also happening to deal with a villain. Except Paddington rips so hard. As does Paddington 2.

Sleepwalkers sucked so much that when I flip through Pluto TV and see it on, I laugh loudly. My partner even laughs as she fell asleep during it. The more I think about it, I wonder what the heck compelled Stephen King to make this the one original for the screen. There’s a great concept that could have been expanded upon in novel form, but it’s expected we take everything at face value. Also, why was there incest? There’s no need for that. What a dumb movie. Once again, apologies to Freejack.

Deep Cover is the strongest recommendation I can make so far for Cinema Revue. Upon a second viewing, there is so much I simply adore about the movie. It’s gritty and dark, but there is this sense of hope that comes from our hero as he sees the drug world around him. Fishburne became a damn leading man overnight in this and stuck to it. Who knew Mac from Predator would direct an absolute banger? The Criterion Collection saved this movie from being stuck in past and it’s a glorious save.

The Player is a great true introduction to Robert Altman for myself that isn’t Popeye. I’m amazed that a lot of what the film was discussing or conveyed is still felt today when thinking of the studio system and industry as a whole. It also gave me a deeper appreciation for Tim Robbins. Robbins is a great actor I seem to forget about him. He is like the Stephen Soderbergh of actors to me. Soderbergh’s filmography I’ve seen most of and liked, and even if he misses, he is still damn good at his job. Robbins is the same. The film could be mid as hell, but you are still watching a master in their craft. I look forward to covering Bob Roberts when we get to it. The Player did get a wide release in May of 1992, but there I some great stuff in May that makes getting to it earlier worth it.

Here are the film rankings for April 1992:

  • Beethoven: 2.5 out of 5 (★★½)
  • Sleepwalkers: 2.5 out of 5 (★★½)
  • Deep Cover: 5 out of 5 (★★★★★)
  • The Player: 4.5 out of 5 (★★★★½)


5/4 – Howards End, directed by James Ivory

The first of the five Academy Awards for Best Picture nominees, Howards End finally arrives. It was released back in March in limited, but I didn’t get a chance to put it in that lineup. Using the UK release date for a barren US release week (look it up, it’s tragic) allows us to get to this film that is considered a career-best for Emma Thompson. I’m excited that with using the UK release date for this film and another film allows all five Best Picture nominees to be covered.

5/10 – Poison Ivy, directed by Katt Shea

Back before she was a talk show host, Drew Barrymore made movies left and right. This was the one that showed she was an adult coming into her own. I’m going into this one completely blind, so I do not know what to expect. Barrymore’s filmography has interesting highs and lows, so I’m wondering where this one will fall into.

4/17 – Lethal Weapon 3, directed by Richard Donner

I wouldn’t cover this if it wasn’t number one. I love Joe Pesci, I like Danny Glover, but that other fellow sure does suck as a human being. This review will be interesting because I’ve only seen the first Lethal Weapon. Basically, I have extra homework in seeing the second film before this. Lethal Weapon is a great movie that still rules. Pesci’s character is from the second film, so it’ll be great to see that debut prior to reviewing this one. Sometimes even hobbies require homework.

4/24 – Alien3, directed by David Fincher

Speaking of homework, I’ve never seen Aliens so time to watch that and Alien3 back to back. I know, what the hell am I doing to myself not having seen Aliens, which is considered a sci-fi masterpiece. We will tear that Band-Aid and mend the wound that is me not seeing it. The production history of Alien3 fascinates me and the fact it was David Fincher’s first film is astounding. I look forward to seeing this one and its predecessor. I bet it’s better than the wet fart that is Alien: Ressurection.

4/31 – Sister Act, directed by Emilie Ardolino

First off, is that not the hardest publicity photo you’ve ever seen for this movie? Like they are ready to drop the hottest mixtape in the name of Jesus Christ ever. I think I’ve seen this film a ton as a kid in syndication (and Sister Act 2). This movie has a place in my heart and Whoopi is so damn good in it. She can sing like no one. I look forward to writing the review. Also, random as heck, Bill Duke of Deep Cover directed the sequel. Mac’s back at it again!

Sequential Cinema – Bond: The 60s Six UPDATE

From Russia with Love will be out on Friday, May 6th. That was something out of my hands, but I started the same week the review was due. I spent some days getting settled before the new role began by getting The Player review out. I’ve figured out how to spend my days and time management before I go crazy, so I will be on it. With that said, Goldfinger will arrive this month, albeit on the 19th with everything pushed back. It’s all for very great reasons and I’m excited, but I also try to keep to a schedule.

5/6 – From Russia With Love

5/19 – Goldfinger

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